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Eza Watches, an independent watch brand established in Pforzheim, Germany
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Automatic watches since 1958.


Eza Watches is an independent boutique brand from Pforzheim, Germany.

In 1958, Eza started to use the historically manufactured automatic movement from Hermann Becker (ets. 1921), the first “Ultramatic”. Eza Automatic was born.

Today, Eza continues the exact same vision of the time as in the past: quality automatic timepieces which now also embrace vintage style and design.

All the timepieces are still made in Pforzheim and will keep being so in the future. The design of the Eza timepieces is very strongly influenced by the 60’s and 70’s.


Brice Goulard about the AirFighter: "Just like their previous attempt, the Sealander, this new toolish AirFighter is a pretty good value-for-money deal".

Worn & Wound

Zach Weiss about the Sealander: "Style wise, it gets the cues right without trying to be something it’s not. The modern additions are then just the cherry on top".


Arthur Touchot about the Sealander: "There’s no doubt this is a good looking vintage-inspired diver".

Fratello Watches

Robert-Jan Broer about the AirFighter: "I ordered mine as I believe – and also after handling the Eza Sealander last year – it is a very nice watch at a very fair price point".



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