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An interview with Ardjuna Kishna

An interview with Ardjuna Kishna
June 20, 2017 Adriaan

Ardjuna Kishna
Owner of Porto di Lusso

Eza: When did your passion for fashion started?

AK: My first encounter with fashion started when I used to come in to Oger with my dad, I was instantly in love with the rich Italian fabrics an grandeur of the shop. It didn’t took me long to apply for a job there at 17 years old. This is how it all started 10 years later I am the owner of an even more beautiful store with even more exclusive Italian brands.

Eza: Tell us about your business and how has your business been so far?

AK: Porto di Lusso, is the next step in exclusivity and service. I work on the most personal level with my clients as well as my Italian suppliers. It is always hard work and sometimes takes a lot of time to establish this kind of relation ship but it is a growing business.

Eza: What are your dreams/plans in the future?

AK: Now I am doing about 40-50% of Porto di Lusso label in the store, all of these pieces are made by the best Italian brands, the dream for me would be producing everything under one Porto di Lusso name, being able to serve a customer not with brands but with quality.

Eza: How did you get your passion for watches?

AK: My passion for watches started at the same time as my passion for menswear, in my opinion the two can not work without each other, the watch complements your style and the other way around.

Eza: What kind of watches do you own next to the Sealander?

AK: Next to the Sealander my first “real” watch, my first swiss masterpiece and one of my most cherished items, the Jaeger leCoultre Master Compressor GMT, actually a gift from one of my dear clients.

Eza: What are your top 3 holy grail watches? (and stick to 3)

AK: Haha very hard question, I would like to own a clean and simple Rolex over time just a steel piece maybe the Air King or a very clean Date Just. The Patek Philippe Nautilus for me is the most desirable time piece there is. Last but not least the first watch I would buy if I would have the money must be a Christiaan vd Klaauw a Real Moon is absolutely my dream watch.

Eza: How did Eza Watches came on your radar?

AK: My dear friend Adriaan, has been on my radar for many years after working with him on an event in my store I tried to hijack him from his former employer. For me this type of passion, energy and integrity would make the absolute perfect addition in the store. After he told me he was going to study in Switzerland we talked a lot about his plan of making an affordable but high quality diver I promised once the time was there I would buy one for sure.

Eza: What do you like about Eza Watches?

AK: What I love about the Eza is it gets me more comments and compliments then any other watch ever did, the design is so clean and sophisticated that even somebody who doesn’t know watches immediately sees it is a unique piece. Also the possibilities to change straps makes it a very wearable watch.