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50 Best Microbrand Watches by Teddy Baldassarre

50 Best Microbrand Watches by Teddy Baldassarre
May 2, 2022 Theo
Brand: EzaWatch Featured Above: Sealander
In early 2018, I released a video of the best diver watches under $1,000 dollars and I requested that some brands send me their watches to be featured with one of them being this Eza Sealander. Ever since that day, I have been a big fan of this microbrand for their clean vintage looks and quality components for the money. Eza is a brand that was restarted after the German brand that carried the name fell victim to the quartz crisis decades ago. In 2016, the brand was rejuvenated by two Dutch gentlemen that made it their mission to develop high-quality vintage-inspired designs with the products being produced in Germany and containing nicely regulated Swiss movements within.
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