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Matt Buckley <> Eza Watches

Matt Buckley <> Eza Watches
July 1, 2021 Theo
A few months ago we got in touch with a talented photographer, Matt Buckley. A talented young photographer who suggested taking some pictures of one of our watches during his trip to the Scottish Highlands.
Our answer was: Of course you can!
After a short discussion, we decided that the Sealander Green would be the best option to match the rough terrain in the Highlands.


You can find the instagram page of Matt HERE.
Next to his great pictures (some of them shown below) we also asked Matt some questions about his passions. Enjoy the ride!
Can you tell us something about yourself?
My name is Matt, I’m a photographer from the UK. I specialise in shooting for brands in the Luxury goods and outdoor leisure sectors. I shoot all over the UK but my favourite place to shoot is up in the Scottish Highlands, it is beautifully rugged and desolate and for some reason that really appeals to me – It’s one of the few places that looks just as good in bad weather as it does in perfect sunny conditions.
When did your passion for photography start?
I’ve been shooting photos for over 10 years now and I recently turns 23 so for nearly 1/2 my life I’ve had a camera in hand and have been shooting. It started on family holidays; safaris in South Africa and trips to the Far East and has grown since then and now I’m fortunate enough to call photography a job. Being able to capture a moment in time whether for personal or commercial reasons is really powerful to me – so much can be reflected in an image.
What are your dreams and plans in the future?
I’m excited to grow my business and skills and shoot bigger campaigns in various locations around the world. I love travelling so any opportunity to visit new places for work is a bonus for me. Developing relationships with clients is also a side to the business I dint think I would enjoy as much as I do. Working with brands like EZA is great because the people behind the brands are equally as passionate about what they do as I am about creating content.
What is your connection with watches?
Watches have been synonymous with adventure and exploration for many years and these are things that inspire me to this day so being able to work with clients in the watch sector is really refreshing because we uphold similar values and are inspired by similar things.
What do you like about Eza Watches?
Adriaan has a huge passion for what he does and the watches he is developing really highlight this; everything has been thought of, right down to the packaging which is something I really appreciate. The whole package and experience have been considered which beautifully reflects the watches.