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July 12, 2016 Adriaan


The Eza Sealander has a screw-in crown. Screwing the crown into its normal position (1) prevents the inadvertent adjustment of the time or date and also acts as a seal to prevent water from seeping into the case. To release the crown, unscrew it by turning it to the left, where it automatically takes position 2, the winding position. By depressing the crown into position 1 and turning it to the right at the same time, it is securely and firmly screwed again.

Important: Even though the watch is water-resistant in positions 2, 3 and 4, the crown should always be screwed in again for normal use (position 1). The crown must not be moved or used for any purposes whatsoever while under water.


With the crown in the winding position (2), it is possible to wind the automatic movement by hand. A few revolutions of the crown are enough to start the movement. However, it is better to wind the watch by turning the crown through approximately 20 revolutions as this will ensure maximum accuracy.

Important: The crown must always be in position 1 while wearing the watch.


If a month has fewer than 31 days, you will need to set the date manually to the first day of the following month. Release the screw-in crown and pull it out to position 3 and then set the date by turning the crown to the right. Do not use the rapid-advance function between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. because the movement automatically advances the date during this period.


Pull out the crown to position 4. This will stop the movement. To set the time accurately to the second, it is best to stop the movement as the second hand passes 60. Now move the minute hand a few minute strokes beyond the time to be set. Then position the minute hand by moving it gently backwards until it is exactly above the correct minute stroke. This ensures that the minute hand begins to move immediately when you restart the movement. To start the second hand, push in the crown to position 2. When setting the time, please be aware of the date change, which always takes place at midnight. If this change has already taken place at noon, move the hands forward by 12 hours.