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Eza Watches, an independent watch brand established in Pforzheim, Germany
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October 14, 2015 Adriaan

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Inside the Eza Sealander you can find an automatic mechanical movement. Thanks to its rotor, the watch will wind itself automatically while wearing. We chose for a ETA 2824 calibre movement because this is one of the most reliable movements on the market today. Please note that when the Eza movement is running, it produces 28.800 best per hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is by itself very special for such a small mechanism. Due to the 25 jewels it is highly resistant to wear of the bearings and axles. The 2824 is designed purely for performance and robustness. Like all the Swiss movement manufacturers, this movement can be wound by the rotor (automatic mechanism) and by hand. This is not only very useful to start the movement after it has been laying still for more then 2 days, but starting the movement by winding it by hand reduces the stress of shaking the watch to start running. Besides, the movement is fitted with a second stop mechanism. When you pull out the crown once, you can set the date, when you pull it out twice you can set the time. In the time setting position, a small lever touches the balance wheel. This causes the movement to stop running. Now you can adjust the minute and hour hand very precisely. When you wait for the atom time to be precisely on the second hand, you can start the movement. Now your EZA watch is set on time with the precision of one second!